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Aerobic belly dance classes

Aerobic belly dance lessons are intensive dance lessons, which suit women and teenagers who wish to improve their fitness and streghten the body. Through the dance we'll improve our cardiovascular endurance and streghten different muscles in our bodies. These classes also suit women who want to loose wieght and slim down in a healthy and fun way. In addition to the known health benefits of any aerobic exercise, the dance also improves coordination, banalce and more.

No previous experience in belly dance is necessary to attend the lessons, nor a certain fitness level. Every movement can be executed in different dificulty levels according to the experience and abilities of the student.

In the aerobic belly dance lessons we put emphesis on dancing without stop througout the lesson, and so, more on practicing dance movements and combinations then learning choreographies. However, this is a dance class in every respect, and participants learn moves which they can use at parties and events.

These lessons suit not only people who want to exercise, but also anyone who wants to improve their dance skills and reach a better quality of movement (due to repeated movements over time).

If you want to dance more than once a week, we recommend combining classes of aerobic belly dance with classes which focus on technique and choreography.

In addition to group lessons, The Belly Dance Center also offers private dance lessons.
To read more, click private belly dance lessons.

If you are interested in joining a trial lesson or get for more information, click belly dance lessons

In order to join a trial lesson or get more information, click belly dance classes

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