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Belly dance has very positives affects on the feminine body. It is a wonderful and fun way to keep a healthy, active lifestyle. Belly dance classes help developing strength, posture, grace, coordination, muscle tone, technique and musical awareness. Orthopedists recommend belly dance classes for women as a way to help ease neck, back and knee pains. In addition, medical research of recent years show that the dance has a positive influence, both physically and mentally. The dance straightens the body muscles, especially the pelvic and abdomen muscles, prevents chronic pains, aids having a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery, and even straightens the immune system.

As well as the physical aspect, belly dance classes also enhances the feminine self image of students and their confidence. Belly dance gives a sense of freedom which allows self expression, expression of emotion and self acceptance. The dance helps many women find their beauty and strength (physical as well as mental).

Some women who come to belly dance classes see them as an hour of fun dedicated to themselves. They see it as a way to be released from the daily stresses and anxieties. Many say that the movements, the music and the atmosphere in class make them come out of it feeling great. Some dance students look at the dance classes as an opportunity to exercise, lose weight and tone up in a fun way. A lot of the students indeed report an improvement in their health, and most say that they feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment in learning to dance, their self confidence rises and they get spiritual enjoyment from the dance. The women start to accept and love their bodies. The belly dance classes, open for women only, allow them to relax and feel free to express themselves. Many reveal that they have chosen to learn belly dance in order to get in touch with their femininity. Some see there choice as a way to break free from conventions and experience movement in a new way.

Many women reveal that learning belly dance is a dream fulfilled. One of Sagit's student shared that growing up in Iraq, she dreamt of dancing and performing, but her family opposed, since it was not socially accepted. Now she finally had the chance to live up that dream, performing in one of The Belly Dance center shows.

As some women perceive the dance as a hobby, some turn it into a profession. Several of Sagit's dance students have become professional belly dancers and dance teachers!

Belly dance affects women in different and exciting ways. The Belly Dance Center invites any whoman to join the dance classes.

The center offers a free of charge trial lesson.

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