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Belly Dance Classes at The Belly Dance Center

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The Belly Dance Center offers belly dance classes at different levels, from beginners level (the very first stepů) until professional level. The center offers belly dance groups classes as well as private lessons.
There are many diverse styles in oriental dance (or in its popular name " belly dance ") including "Baladi", the folkloric Egyptian style, "Sharki", the modern style and fusion styles, which combine belly dance with other dances. In our belly dance classes the students learn first the basic technique of the dance, basic movements, improvisation and choreographies. Later on the students are taught dances using veils, canes, sagats (zills) and more. That is why this rich dance can appeal to everyone.

In addition to belly dance lessons which focus on tecnique and choreographies, The Belly Dance Center offers aerobic belly dance lessons - dance lessons which are more challenging and make a good cardio workout as well as strenghening different muscles in our body.

The Belly Dance Center offers lessons in The French Hill. Its aim is to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy this unique dance in a warm, yet professional environment.
Anyone can dance. There is no need for previous experience, just the desire to dance and have fun!

A dance class at The Belly Dace Center
The Belly Dance Center offers a free of charge trial lesson.

University/college students enjoy 20% off (valid student card needed).

In order to join a trial lesson or get more information, click belly dance classes

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