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Belly dance shows & workshops


Wedding, bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary and any other reason to celebrate...
A dance show or workshop will make your event unforgettable!

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A successful event is one in which everyone is on the dance floor. One way to acheive that is to book a belly dance show which will excite your guests and get them up from their chairs. You can book more then one dancer to make it even more special.
Our dancers perform in all kinds of events: weddings, bar/bat mitzva, hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries and more. We would be happy to celebrate with you and your guests on your special day. The show will be adapted to the event and your guests. The center's dancers perform with spectacular choreographies and also invite the guests to join them on the dance floor. You and your guests will enjoy a professional exciting show that will make your event unforgettable
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In certain events, especially those held at a private home, like birthdays and hen parties, a belly dance workshop can be the icing on the cake. In a fun, humorous atmosphere, basic dance movement are taught and even a short choreography.
The Belly Dance Center offers different workshops according to the age groups or composition of the group (women only, men and women, families). We will bring colorful hip scarves which will get everyone excited and fun upbeat music to make sure your evening will be unforgettable. The shared experience of energy and joy "breaks the ice" between your guests.
If your event is planned to take place in Jerusalem, we recommend that you visit the belly dance center: we can host events for small groups (up to 40 people) in a special oriental atmosphere.

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Prepering a dance for you event

And now, welcome with a round of applause...

There is no doubt that a performance by a belly dancer is exciting, gets everyone on their feet and upgrades every event. Of course, it is important that the celebrators and their families join the fun. That is way, it is common today that they take belly dancing classes before the long-awaited event, to learn and upgrade their dancing abilities. The bride and even the groom(!), the parents, the bat mitzvah girl and others, all want to make sure that they could join the dancing without hesitation and be the stars on the dance floor. You can join the belly dance groups classes or take some private dance lessons. Also, for those wishing to get in shape and slim down, The Belly Dance Center offers aerobic belly dance lessons, intensive dance lessons which offer a winning combination between learning the dance to upbeat music and a fun workout.

And for those who want the ultimate surprise in their event...

The Belly Dance Center offers the preparation of a unique choreographed dance for the bride (or bride and groom), Bat Mitzvah girl, birthday girl or anyone who wants to become the star of the event. If you want to make your event truly memorable, The Belly Dance Center in Jerusalem will create a dance especially for you, and prepare you for an unforgettable moving performance. We will choose together with you the right music, advise you on an alfit and help you decide when whould be the right moment to surprise your guests with the dance. We will do our best to ensure that you'll have great memories for life..

The lesson are taught by Sagit Elmaliach, director of The Belly Dance Center, certified dance teacher with years of experience in teaching children.
To read more about Sagit, press here.

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prepering a dance for your event
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