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The belly dance show "Ya Msahharny"

Sagit Elmaliach in a dance from the belly dance show "Ya Msahharny".
The dance show "Ya Msahharny" was produced and performed by Sagit in 2006-2008
several times in theaters in Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem.
Sagit hosted in this show many Israeli belly dancers, among them: Vered, Tamar Bar-Gil, Yael Becker,
Efrat Goldshtein, Ofra Zaka'im, Lilach Rubin, Sharon Tur'el and Sophie Armoza.

This is a humoristic dance to a song by Hakim, in which he asks the girl to call him back...
For those of you who don't understand Hebrew, the conversation in the beginning goes as follows:
- Sagit, sorry to interrupt, but you have a phone call...
- What do you mean, I'm in the middle of a show...
- The man insists, He sais you don't return his calls, and his anxious.
- Ok, so tell him I'll return to him after the show..
- He sais, and I quote: "I miss your voice and your beautifull words, and your lustfull eyes.
- You don't say! Pass the call through...

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