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Sagit Elmaliach - Belly dancer, choreographer and dance teacher
director of The Belly Dance Center in Jerusalem

Sagit Elmaliach started dancing various styles of dance from an early age. At the age of 15, she discovered oriental dance ( Belly dance ), and was swept away by its charms from the first lesson she took.
Throughout the years, she studied the dance in Israel and all over the world with the great masters of oriental dance, among other, the great masters in Egypt, USA, France, Austria, Germany and Turkey. Sagit an M.A. research degree in Islam and Middle East Studies and a dance instructor diploma from Wingate College.
Nowadays, sagit teaches in an oriental dance teachers training course.

Sagit has been dancing oriental dance since 1992, and performed in many different productions, on stages all over Israel, in festivals and varioius TV shows. In addition, she has produced original successful belly dance stage shows. Sagit also performs in corporate events and private functions, and gives dance workshops and lectures about oriental dance, its origins and development in the Arab-muslim society. In addition, Sagit teaches regularly in her dance center oriental dance and choreography classes from beginners level until the professional. A number of her dance students are already professional dancers and dance teachers themselves!

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